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Up and Running with Autodesk Navisworks 2014 (Paperback)

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This textbook is specially written keeping in mind the requirements of plant and building industry. Real-world plant and building models have been carefully selected to discuss the tools and concepts in the tutorials of every chapter. You will be able to find various similarities between the models used in this textbook and your current projects. This will allow you to apply the concepts learned in this textbook to your day-to-day work. These real-world models are also made available to the buyers of this textbook.

The following are some salient features of this textbook:

  • Free Tutorial on clash test with Point Cloud available by contacting the author at
  • More than 640 pages of in-depth coverage of all modules of Autodesk Navisworks Simulate and Manage, including the new Quantification module.
  • Detailed discussion of Autodesk Navisworks tools and concepts followed by Plant and BIM tutorials.
  • Around 400 pages of tutorials on real-world Plant and Building models.
  • Special tutorial on the animation of the subsea Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV).
  • Special tutorials showing the Animator and Scripter scenes with Crane movement and animation.
  • Project-based chapter for the Autodesk Factory Design Suite user.
  • Timeliner simulation linked with animator animations showing construction sequences and movement of objects at the construction site.
  • Detailed coverage of the Clash Detective module and the switchback functionality.
  • Timeliner based clash tests included in tutorials.
  • "What I do" tips describing some real world challenges that Navisworks users face and the author's approach in those situations.
  • Free video showing how to use Autodesk ReCap to reduce the size of Point Cloud data before importing in Autodesk Navisworks available by contacting the author at
  • End of chapter skill evaluation to review the concepts learnt in the chapter.

The following free teaching resources are available for faculty:

  • PowerPoint slides of every chapter in the textbook.
  • Answers to the Class Test Questions.
  • Help for designing the course curriculum.

About the Author

Deepak Maini is a qualified Mechanical Engineer with more than 15 years of experience in working with companies in various countries around the world. He is currently working as Technical Head, Manufacturing Solutions, with Cadgroup Australia. Deepak has been using and training people on Navisworks even before Autodesk acquired it and work closely with a number of plant designing, building, and subsea companies all around Australia. For more information about Deepak, visit his website

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ISBN: 9781482605273
ISBN-10: 1482605279
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: April 15th, 2013
Pages: 650
Language: English