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Critical Thinking for Strategic Intelligence (Paperback)

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With this second edition of Critical Thinking for Strategic Intelligence, Randolph H. Pherson and Katherine Hibbs Pherson update their highly regarded, easy-to-use handbook for developing core critical thinking skills and analytic techniques. This indispensable text is framed around 20 key questions that all analysts must ask themselves as they prepare to conduct research, generate hypotheses, evaluate sources of information, draft papers, and ultimately present analysis. New material includes a chapter on working with statistics and probabilities at an introductory level; discussions on how to work with social media; managing the big data phenomenon and what role analysis plays both at the front and back end of utilizing such information.

Each of the book's chapters are consistently organized, enabling students and analysts alike to easily trace the key steps of: Setting the Stage; Looking More Deeply; Key Takeaways; Considering the Case Study, and the book's illustrations include useful graphics that diagram and display the processes and structured analytic techniques for arriving at the best possible analytical products. The Analyst's Roadmap provides an at-a-glance map for readers depicting the best practices involved in perfecting the analytical product. A set of carefully crafted case studies on national intelligence, homeland security, and law enforcement issues illustrate how to apply these critical thinking skills tie directly to end-of-chapter questions, providing valuable self-assessment opportunities.

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ISBN: 9781506316888
ISBN-10: 1506316883
Publisher: CQ Press
Publication Date: November 1st, 2016
Pages: 408
Language: English