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Repair Your Own Appliances (Paperback)

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HAVE YOU EVER SAID ANY OF THESE THINGS? - I don't know how to determine what's wrong with my appliance... - I don't know where to find the right parts I need for the repair... - I don't want to have to buy a new washer, dryer, oven, refrigerator, dishwasher... - I don't want to pay $100 just to get a technician to show up at my door and then hundreds more for the repair... If you can relate to any of that, then this book is going to be life-changing for you. WHY SHOULD YOU LISTEN TO ME? Many years ago, my dryer died. I was on a shoestring budget and my wife really needed our gas dryer to work. I could not afford to get it fixed or to buy a new one, so I decided to try to fix it myself. I was able to find out that the igniter was bad, and it was really easy to replace. I was able to fix the problem in about an hour and the part only cost about $15. Since then I have learned how to fix all of my own appliances, I have 2 years college in electrical engineering, 31 years experience in the military and with major companies in the field of electronics and computers, and for the past 8 years. I have had my own appliance repair business and now I get to share my secrets to help you learn to fix your own appliances. Many DIY appliance owners are well able to repair their appliances. They have the basic mechanical skills and the basic tools they need but they lack the knowledge of how to go about doing it. Knowledge is Power. I will help you find that knowledge and apply that power to be able to repair your own appliances. Lenny Duval is a graduate of numerous military electronics schools in both the USAF and the Navy. He graduated at the top of his classes for UHF and VHF communications equipment, Radar, Navigation, and Cryptographic equipment. He has a Bachelor of Theology degree and studied Electrical Engineering at LSU for 2 years. Lenny worked in the Electronics industry in Silicon Valley for many years as a technician and a supervisor and started his own computer company in 1976. He has managed his own Appliance Repair Business since 2013.

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ISBN: 9781662817144
ISBN-10: 1662817142
Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication Date: July 8th, 2021
Pages: 24
Language: English