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Acoustic Design of Recording Studios: Architecture & Building Design (Paperback)

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AIM: The aim of the research is to study many acoustic fundamentals which are essential to design a sound recording facility. The research also aims to explore, as many as possible, avenues of available construction techniques, methodologies & materials indispensable for the construction of a professional sound recording studio. OBJECTIVES:1.Familiarizing with current available materials & construction methodologies.2.Exploring & assessing the common errors made by designers while designing recording studios.3.How to eradicate these common errors in order to deliver a haute sound recording facility.4.How the scope of a designer/architect can be defined in case of a recording studio.5.Essentials in terms of services like HVAC, electrical, plumbing, lighting etc.6.Availability of any codes or regulations, if any.7.A general understanding in the advancements of equipment in order to better understand the design requirements.8.A comparative study of various studios against the industry standards of constructing an ideal sound recording studio.LIMITATIONS:1.The financial aspects of the system at commercial level are not covered.2.Lack of any equipment like sound meter etc.METHODOLOGY: In order to realize all the objectives one of the most prominent & yielding methodologies is to do case studies where not only the actual recording studios can be assessed & analysed but also through interviewing the very people associated with such facilities a lot of information could be gathered.The other ways is to go through the literature hitherto created on the history, advancements of such studios can be studied. Manufacturers who are involved in the fabrication of acoustic material can also be of great help in the research regarding materials & respective costs, which in turn would help in understanding of the economics of a sound recording facility.

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ISBN: 9781687042217
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Publication Date: August 20th, 2019
Pages: 80
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