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The Latch Key Kid: A Memoir of Anhedonia (Paperback)

The Latch Key Kid: A Memoir of Anhedonia Cover Image
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Growing up on a Manchester council estate was tough in the '70s. But when your mother is a cold woman with little time or care for you, beats you regularly, forgets to feed you and your sister, orders you out of the house each day and leaves you home alone at night, it's little wonder you find yourself on the wrong path in life. The Latch Key Kid is the author's moving and powerful memoir which delves deep into his early childhood and adolescent struggles. But unlike other tales of unfortunate circumstance, this frank and at times heart-breaking story also depicts the author's journey of living with a relatively unknown mental health condition called 'anhedonia'. This condition suspends its sufferers at a zero level on the emotional scale - so they never feel pleasure, happiness, joy, excitement, or even sadness in the same way everyone else does. All that's left is an overwhelming sense of injustice: how can everyone else listen to a song and feel the urge to dance? How can people eat a meal and then smile with satisfaction? Why do people see a goal on a football pitch and get all fired up? When all Mike feels is nothing?

But, whilst this disorder has made the author's life unimaginably different from yours or mine, it is anhedonia that has prevented him from going under - even when pushed to extremes. Now happily married, with five children and a successful business, Mike tells the hard-hitting story of how his double-edged sword - anhedonia - has shaped his life. This is not based on a True Story it is a True Story.

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ISBN: 9781697184792
ISBN-10: 1697184790
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: October 2nd, 2019
Pages: 238
Language: English