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Black Leopard, Red Wolf: The Dark Star Trilogy #01 (Pre-Recorded Audio Player)

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Enter a world where your perceptions of right, wrong, men, women, monsters and saviors are ripped away. Suspend your judgments - they will do you no good. Tracker is on a hero's journey... or is he an anti-hero? Courage he has in abundance. Whatever idealism he may have had is destroyed in the struggle to define his maleness, as a warrior, a lover, a father, a son, an animal, within the confines of a world in which humanity is anything but humane. And the Red Wolf's morality? If you want a morality that stands with little definition and less honest reflection, the kind of morality that is thrown about to justify horrible acts in the name of something beyond responsibility, then he has no morality. If instead, you want a character who wrestles deeply with his actions, the effects those actions have on others and himself, then Tracker is indeed moral. The monsters, tests, allies, and mentors in this are ancient, new, beautiful and terrifying. Sadogo will stay with you. This is fantasy at its best – enter a new world and know you will not leave unscathed.

— Linda

If I had to pick one word to describe this book, it would be feral. James creates a fantastical Africa that invokes the violence and brutality of the old world, but wraps it in delicate layers of myth and magic that make the reader want to cozy up to the savagery in order to get a better look. The characters add to the effect, as they are mysterious enough to entice and real enough to despise. The sense of displacement and lack of certainty enforces the message that nothing and nobody in this world can be trusted, not even the self. If people want to call this the African Game of Thrones, I won’t necessarily argue, but I will say that the Tracker and his frenemies would make any of the big baddies in Westeros run for cover with their tail cut off.

— David

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ISBN: 9781987157024
ISBN-10: 1987157028
Publisher: Penguin Audiobooks
Publication Date: February 5th, 2019
Language: English