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What is Fortitude, Colby? (Paperback)

What is Fortitude, Colby? By Hollis Kennedy Martin Cover Image
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I woke up slumped against the wall. I heard muffled laughs through the walls of my mysterious prison. I knew now my imprisonment had something to do with a bombing, that they clearly thought I had something to do with. Did my software have something to do with this? It didn't make sense, my software helped with security operations, not a bomb. My leg throbbed, stung, and felt like fire burned inside the wound. I peered down my pants to inspect the damage, and the bandage showed evidence blood soaked through. The gauze had an orange-sized section of ooze of dark red and brown. Maybe he had pushed the bandage into my leg. "What happened?" I spoke out loud.

"You happened," a voice lurked in the corner. I didn't see him, but I suspected my ranga had waited for me.

I need my memory to come back, find out who and why they put me here. I better do it before whatever this ranga planned next.

Thriller - Suspense - Mystery - Espionage - Spy - Assassination - Terrorism - Romance - Conspiracy - Conspiracies

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ISBN: 9798988265214
Publisher: Keys and Tale Publications, LLC
Publication Date: June 1st, 2023
Pages: 304
Language: English