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Drag Queen Storytime

Celebrate Pride Month with our very first Drag Queen Storytime! We're pleased to welcome local drag queens Athena Kills, Angelique VaGorgeous, and Scalene Onixxx as our featured guest queens, who will be reading from LGBTQ+ picture books selected by our booksellers. 

This special storytime is appropriate for children, usually between the ages of 3-8; toddlers and babies still welcome! Plus, 10% of all proceeds that day will be donated to the Trevor Project. Come and support a good cause! 

Have any concerns?

Many children express gender fluidity. Drag Queen storytimes help kids embrace gender diversity in themselves and in others, and help to curb bullying of LGBTQ children and kids who may be perceived as different in all kinds of ways. LGBTQ-positive programs are a vital part of making the world a safe and affirming place for all children. LGBTQ children need role models, and all children should learn to embrace gender diversity and learn empathy. 

What is a drag queen?: Drag is an artistic way of expressing yourself and showing the world different parts of who you are and who you want to be. Drag queens often express their feminine sides or different aspects of their gender and personality through dressing up, putting on performances, marching in parades, and volunteering in their communities. There are drag queens, drag kings, drag princes, and drag princesses—anyone can be any of the above! All that matters is that, when you play and dress up, you feel comfortable and creative. 

What if my children have questions and I don’t know how to answer them?: There are many things in the world that are confusing. Adults don’t always have all the answers, but we can ask questions and learn together. Visit Drag Queen Story Hour or Sez Me for more information and resources.

Information taken from Drag Queen Story Hour
Event date: 
Saturday, June 23, 2018 - 11:00am
Event address: 
5225 Canyon Crest Dr.
Riverside, CA 92507