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Find Waldo in Riverside

Waldo is visiting twenty-five local businesses throughout our community this July! Find Waldo Local is a great summer vacation activity and a wonderful way to support local businesses; and this year, we've expanded the search to include places all over Riverside. 

Anyone who wishes to participate can pick up a "Find Waldo in Riverside" passport, which contains the names of all of the participating sites, and get their passports stamped or signed for each Waldo they spot. Collecting store stamps or signatures at twenty or more businesses will entitle diligent seekers entry into a grand-prize drawing on July 29 at 4 pm, with the top prize being a six-volume deluxe set of Waldo books. And, to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of Where's Waldo? books, Waldo's friend Wenda will also be hiding here at Cellar Door. There is no charge to participate, and the hunt lasts for the entire month of July!


  • 10 stamps/signatures: "I Found Waldo" Button, $1 Off Coupon for a Where's Waldo book
  • At least 20 stamps/signatures: above prizes PLUS entry into the grand-prize drawing for Waldo Sticker books and a 6-volume deluxe set of Waldo books

Participating Businesses

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