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Return Policy

We are happy to exchange or give store credit for any book purchased from our store in the last 30 days as long as it has not been read or damaged.* Applies to in-store purchases; for questions about online purchases, please contact us. It is strongly recommended that you bring your original receipt. 

*Excludes special orders that we do not normally carry (see below)

All puzzle and game sales are final. Opened puzzles and games cannot be returned.

Special Orders

We can special order books so long as they are available from a publisher or our distributors. We cannot order books that are out of print. There is no extra charge to place a special order - it's just the cost of the book(s). We also cannot 100% guarantee the arrival date of books ordered in-store; any estimates given are subject to change. When you place your order with us in-store, we will need a name and phone number. As soon as your book arrives, we will give you a call at the number provided. If the call is not answered, we will always leave a voicemail message (unless the voicemail box is full, not set up, or if there are any complications with your phone service that prevent us from leaving a message). For online orders, we will send any notifications via the contact information provided during checkout.

If you do not pick up your special order within two weeks of being notified, we will call you a second time. If you do not pick up your special order within one month of being notified, please note that your book is subject to being restocked or returned regardless of any prepaymentIf you order a book from us online and opt to pick it up from the store, please be aware that your order is also subject to being restocked or returned if it is not collected after one month from notification. 

Please note that if you have specially ordered a book that we do not normally carry in our stock, your book may not eligible for return or exchange. 

Can I bring my pet into the store?

Please do not bring your pet in unannounced! Our store dog Nymeria tends to be territorial with other dogs, so if it is not necessary for you to bring your pet in, please refrain from doing so. If you have a service animalplease let us know before you enter so that we can crate Nya. Thank you!

Are you a merchant on Amazon?

No. Cellar Door Books is a brick-and-mortar independent bookstore, and this website is the only place you can order books from us online. If you are looking for an Amazon merchant of the same name, sorry, but that isn't us. Contact Amazon directly for any queries or complaints.

You can read about our thoughts on Amazon here.

Do you take used books? Do you buy back used textbooks?

As we sell only new books, we do not take any used books, nor do we take any textbooks. Check with your local used or campus bookstore.

Do you sell textbooks?

We do not carry textbooks. In some cases, we may be able to special order a certain textbook for you, subject to availability (see Special Orders above). Should you need a novel or other non-fiction title for class (i.e. Jane Eyre or Outliers), that is what we do carry, and you can call the store during our regular business hours to check our stock.